Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Knock it Off Blog Tour Day 2

The whole idea behind this tour was to celebrate super moms, or aunts, or anyone who's sewn up a ready to wear designer inspired look to save money, or to put a smile on a child's face or even treat ourselves to a high end look that fits like a glove. 

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I remember going shopping for back to school clothes with a budget and a list of needs and wants. One particular time, in highschool, it was a want for this Mexx skirt I had seen. There was no way my mom would let me spent 3/4 of my budget on a skirt and my aunt being the seamstress said, "Deb, we will make you one, exactly the same"...and she did. Well, I wore that skirt until it was so worn out. That wasn't the only knock off in my closet but its the one I remember most fondly. 

I love using Pinterest (just in case you want to take a peek at my Pinterest boards...click!) as a tool for searching for on-trend styles, looking at ready to wear (RTW) designers and comparing them to patterns that I already have or new patterns that have just been released. I take note on how they need to be slightly changed if they even need to be changed at all. 

First image is from Jennifer of  Kutti Couture (blog), second image is from H&M website

This is a spring/summer skirt from H&M next to the new pattern from Petite Stitchery & Co. All I would have to do is find a navy and white stripe knit fabric and add button tabs at the waistline. I think the copy cat would turn out perfectly, infact as I sit here and write this, I need to run out, get the fabric and make it! So, while I do that, take a look at Melissa of MahlicaDesigns and Emily of the Sew & Tell Project. Take a look at what they made, what designer inspired them and what pattern they use to complete their projects. 

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More fun knock off's are headed your way, we'll be here all week so join us! 

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Until next time, xx.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Petite Stitchery & Co. in Pantone 2017

I'm seeing life in solid blocks of color, and the Pantone 2017 colors are such an inspiration. We are so used to making clothes with bold prints, florals, geometric shapes and other seasonal trends, this time we are going solid colors. It gets you thinking about what can be done to add just a little touch of detail. 

I used Pink Yarrow for my project, I had a few other colors from the color palette but in the end I knew JubeJube would have her say and if she doesn't like it, she doesn't wear it. The pattern I used from Petite Stichery & Co. is Laurel. And just an FYI, all patterns for the duration of this mini tour are 20% off! No coupon code needed.

I added a layer of voile with a print to create so interest and the end result is something I has never thought of doing before.

About the pattern: Laurel was designed for knit fabrics, different sleeve options are available with this pattern. The size range is from 2T to 12 years. Two options for necklines (rounded and V-neck).

This is such an easy and comfortable look for this spring. Layering this tunic with leggings or jeans is sure to please just about any child that wants to play in comfort but also wants a little bit of girly style.

Now, go check out what's on the Petite Stichery & Co. Blog...2 more looks are waiting for you! Enjoy!

Until next time, xx.